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PLC Automation BD Ambition

Bangladesh is a rapidly developing country in the world. Industrial Revolution increases the developing rate in our country. The industrial revolution only possible if we can export our product. Most of the time we fail to export our product for Quality and pricing. Product Quality and pricing depend on the industrial automation system. If you are using the best automation system in your production line, then we will produce the best quality product at a low cost. Sometimes we brought PLC automation-based product line buy after a few months or a year later it’s not working. On the other hand, you want an extension of your existing system. For all of those problems, we will with you. We have the most expert automation and robotics engineer in a different section such as food factory, chemical factory, board mills, Plywood plant, garment, spinning mills, washing plant, paper mills, copper production line, cable manufacturing factory, LPG plant, pharmaceutical plant, etc. we will fix you industrial automation troubleshooting.

When you’re thinking to create a new production line, we will with you. We will create an automation system by your demand. PLC Automation BD already did many PLC based industrial automation in a different company such as Polar Ice Cream, MR metal, Amber group, Armana group, Hellow ice cream, Buyan Paper Mills, etc. PLC Automation BD also upgrades your manual system to automatic system.

plc Automation BD Work Portfolio

Our Industrial Automation Sector

  • Paper Mills Automation (Pulper, Stock Preparation, Head Box, Press, Dryer, Calander, Rewanding, Duplex Cutter, Simplex Cutter etc.)
  • Board Mills Automation (Chipper, Flaker, Dryer, Glue, Mat forming, Hotpress, Rear Process, Lamination, etc.)
  • Plywood Plant (Hotpress, Coldpress, Veneer Dryer, Peeling Machine )
  • Garment Process Automation (Denim Machine, Printing Machine, Leaser Cutting Machine, Label Machine, Washing Machine, Sizing Machine,Spinning Machine, etc) 
  • Food Industry Automation (Ice Cream dosser machine automation, Food Mixing Machine, Packing Machine, Level Printing Machine, Food Drying machine, Cooking Machine, etc.)
  • Copper Process Line Automation (Copper Process line, Copper rod cold Rolling machine automation, etc.)
  • Plastic Process Line Automation (Extruder Machine automation, Injection molding machine Automation, Blow Molding Machine Automation, Plastic Crusher, etc.)
  • Other Machine Automation( Filling Machine, CNG Machine, etc)

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