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As a electrical and electronic engineer we are always thinking about create a new technology for society. But all idea stop due to lack of proper electronics knowledge. We will teach you how to design AVR, Arduino & Raspberry PI control circuit. After finished this course you will able to design Robot, Device control circuit , Drone making & Solar system design. This training make your dream true.  

We have expert Trainer who know about AVR, Arduino, PIC, Raspberry PI and FPGA.We have intelligent Research and Development Department who are always thinking about invent new technology. They try to solve your problem.

Basic Knowledge of Electronics: 

  1. Basic Concept of DC and AC power system.
  2. Introduce with electronic elements.
  3. Different type of signal analysis.
  4. Digital electronic (Logic gates).
  5. Number system.
  6. Basic programing concept of programing c.
  7. Introduction of Microcontroller Programmer, Compiler, Burner
  8. Burner circuits design.
  9. 220v ac to 5v dc converter design.

AVR Microcontroller:

  1. Feature of ATmega16
  2. Digital input and output declaration and led flashing.
  3. Output toggle by input checked.
  4. 7 segment display working principal and 0 to 9 decimal number show.
  5. 0 to 9 press counter and show on seven segment display.
  6. Discuss about interrupt and 0 to 9 hardware interrupt count.
  7. Working principal of 16*2 lcd display (8 and 4 bit mode, Lcd scroll etc.)
  8. Lcd display text show and scroll.
  9. Number separation
  10. Lcd based 0 to 9999 UP/DOWN Plus counter design.
  11. 0 to 5v dc, 0 to 100v dc and 0 to 220v ac voltmeter design.
  12. Temperature meter design by using lm35.
  13. 1ms pules generate by 8, 16 bit timer (Overflow and CTC mode).
  14. 6*1 seven segment display working principal and interfacing with microcontroller.
  15. Seven segment display based digital clock.
  16. PWM signal generation, Servo control by PWM signal.
  17. EEPROM data store.
  18. Cricket scoring board design.
  19. Microcontroller communication system (USART, TWI and ISP).
  20. AC load controlling by microcontroller.
  21. Smart home controlling by Bluetooth.
  22. Smart home controlling by GSM.
  23. Real time digital clock (DS1360).
  24. Distance measurement by ultrasonic sound sensor (SR04).
  25. RPM meter design.


  1. Discussion about Arduino Board.
  2. Knowledge about different Arduino Board.
  3. Overview of digital and analog sensors.
  4. Discussion about IDE.
  5. Discussion Arduino Libraries.
  6. Simulation on Proteus.
  7. Communication with pc.
  8. Project Blink Led with delay.
  9. Interfacing the 16*2 LCD display with Arduino.
  10. Interfacing sensors.
  11. Assembling Arduino on bread board.
  12. Bootloading chip with Arduino bootloder.
  13. Pulse width modulation.
  14. Servo motor controlling.
  15. Project Home Automation.
  16. Project Smart phone controlled car.
  17. Project Text on dot matrix display.
  18. Project Bank Security System.
  19. Project making on student’s idea.


  1. Line flower robot
  2. Bluetooth control robot
  3. Obstacle robot
  4. 2 wheel blanching robot
  5. Fire fighting robot.
  6. Fighting robot.
  7. Robot making based on student’s idea.


  1. Discus about different kind of drones.
  2. Drone making equipment’s introduce( Brushless motor, RF transmitter and receiver, FPV camera, Flight controller, GPRS, GSM, Autopilot and gyros)
  3. Quad copter drone setup.


  1. Working principal of solar cell.
  2. Solar cell and battery setup.
  3. Consumer load calculation and solar selection.
  4. Solar inverter (12 to 220) and auto start system design.

PLC Automation BD, Maloncho Bus counter, Tonuganj Lane, Shutrapur, Dhaka 1100

Sunday – 04.00 AM -06.00 PM

Tuesday – 04.00 AM-06.00 PM

We will be training you at your preferable time (Call – 01972166633)

Regular Fee: BDT 12,000/-

Special Offer  7000/- For job holder and student (You can pay by 3 installments)

You can get admission in online and offline

Offline Admission: 

Applicants need to fill the admission form and need to bring one passport size photograph along with a photocopy of NID.

Contact No     : 01829259827



Address: PLC Automation BD, Maloncho bus counter, Tonuganj Lane, Shutrapur, Dhaka 1100

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